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Rig Visit

  • Need to get offshore to take photos and measurements ?
  • Need to see the space to understand the work environment ?
  • Need all of this now ?

Rig Visit is an Australian 3D data services company that specialises in the offshore industry.

Rig Visit use 3D laser scanning technology to produce “point clouds” that are hosted online allowing a user to take a virtual walk through a facility from their desktop, with the ability to take point to point measurements anywhere in the model. The point cloud can also be used to generate accurate as-built 3D CAD models to build your project from.


  • Safe. Minimise personnel exposure to offshore hazards.
  • Cost effective - Reduced number of expensive “site visits”.
  • Fast – up to 1 million point per second
  • Accuracy to 1 mm
  • Range up to 250 m
  • Reduced clashes and design errors
  • Easy maintenance scope definition

Our team have extensive experience working in your industry, and we understand the importance of keeping you assets working , and keeping your maintenance and planning time down.

Application examples:

  • Drilling Rigs – Campaign planning & interface checking
  • FPSO – As-built piping replacement
  • PSV & Construction vessels – 3D deck layouts
  • Fixed platform topsides – Maintenance and expansion planning




From the comfort of your office